Haim Kennet- Advocate, Notary & Mediator

Advocate Haim Kennet, is the head of the Law offices that was founded by his late father- Dr. Nathan Kennet, in 1947, who was also a lawyer for over 59 years, after he retired from his office as the Assistant District Attorney of Tel Aviv. 
In 1981 Haim was awarded a Diploma from the London University- in Modern Hebrew and on 1985 he graduated from the City Of  London University, with a B.A Law degree.


In 1986 Haim was awarded a Diploma in Criminology from Tel Aviv University.

Haim is a member of The Israeli Bar Association- and of the Tel Aviv Bar.
In 1989 he was granted to serve as a Lawyer of the Military Courts of the I.D.F.
In 1997 Haim was granted and appointed as The Chairman of the District Psychiatric Committee, of the Ministry of Health by the Care of Mentally Ill Law- 1991.
Advocate Kennet specializes in Criminal law and Civil Litigation for over 29 years.
His main specialty is Criminal Law, but over the years, he also specialized in Civil Law and Suites, Civil litigation, Real Estate and Land law, Probate and Succession Law, Family Law and Juvenile law, Execution office, Litigation, Counseling, Legal Advice, Arbitration, and Mediation, Ethics, Appeals, Translations, Notary.

Advocate Kennet also performs some Public Duties at the Israeli Bar Association:
 *. Disciplinary Tribunal’s Prosecutor of the Tel Aviv Bar Association- for 9 years.
*. Judge of the Disciplinary Tribunal’s of the Tel Aviv Bar Association - for 12 years, and from 2000-2008
     head of the tribunal bench, as a Presiding Judge.

*. Judge, Vice President of the Disciplinary Tribunal’s of the Israel Bar Association - for the last 4 years,
     from 2008-2018.
*. Judge,  President of the Disciplinary Tribunal’s of the Israel Bar Association - from 2018-2022.
*. Member of the Legal Intern’s Committee- Vice Chairman The Israeli Bar Association- Six Terms.
*. Examiner of the Legal Intern’s examinations of The Israeli Bar Association- 20 Years.
*. Member of the Junior’s Lawyers Committee, Courts Committee, Judges Lawyer relationship Committee,
   Legal Interns Committee, Profession Seminar Committee, Criminal Forum committee, Representative at 
   The Law statutes and constitution committee Of the Israeli Knesset.

*.  Member of The Criminal Forum Committee- The Israeli Bar Association- Central  Committee.
*. The Prison Authority Committee of the Criminal Forum- Central Committee.
*. Vice Chairman of The Police Committee of the Criminal Forum- Central Committee.
*. Official Inspector of The Prison Authority, by an appointment of the Minister of Internal l security.
 *. Official Inspector of The Police detention centers and stations, by an appointment of the Minister of
     Internal  security.

 *. Legal Advisor of the International Police Association- Israel Section.
As from 1985 active as a Community Worker, voluntarily:
1986 Founder of the “Pagiya”- Neonatal ward- the Intensive Care for Seek Children and Neonatal – Meir
    Medical Center and Hospital Kfar-Saba and since then Chairman of the foundation-, voluntarily.

1987 Shachl"ab
Foundation Management- (Shikum Holey Lev- Tel Hashomer Hospital) The Cardiac Rehabilitation
    Center- Tel Hashomer Hospital. Legal Advisor and a Member of the board.

*. 1990 took part of the foundation of the Audio logical Foundation Speech-language pathology, Tel Hashomer
   Hospital for the memory of Professor Moshe Rubinshtein and since then the Legal Advisor and a member of 
   the board.

*. 1990 Member of the Ramat- Hasharon Rotary Club, and since then served in deferent roles in the club- 

*.  1991 founder of the Israeli Neo Natal foundation, incorporates all the Neo Natals department  managers  in
     all the hospitals in Israel-Voluntarily.

*.  1995 Member of the board- Lev El Lev Foundation- Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv- Voluntarily.
*. 1996/7 President Of The Ramat- Hasharon Rotary Club. And since 1997 active in Rotary Israel in deferent
    roles, Legal Advisor, Assistant Governor, Advisor for the Governor.

 *. 1997 Member of the Board- The Tzeltner Foundation for legal research by the Tel Aviv University (for the 
     memory of Judge Zeev Tzeltner- President of the District court Of Tel Aviv, and since  then  a member of
     the Board and Legal Advisor- Voluntarily.

 *. 1998-2000 The Ramat- Hasharon Rotary Club Foundation- Chairman of the Foundation- for assistance and
     support the needy and the community- Voluntarily.

*. 1998 founder of the Emergency and Trauma Unit Foundation- Meir Hospital- Kfar Saba, and was a
    member of the board - Voluntarily.

*. 1998 founder of the Yad Labanim Foundation of Ramat- Hasharon- Helping bereaved families -and since  t
    then  a member of the Board and Legal Advisor- Voluntarily.

*. 1999 founder of the Boy Scouts Foundation of Ramat- Hasharon- for the children of Ramat- Hasharon-

*. 1999 Received a Citation for Individual Rotarian from Rotary International President- James L. Lacy, for
    his outstanding participation and efforts of voluntary activities in each of the four Avenues of Service: Club,
    Vocational, Community, and International Service.

*. Member of Foundation for the Memory of the Late Judge Shalev.
*. 2001 Paul Harris Fellow (The most highly decoration of Rotary International) for his contribution and aid
    to Rotary, the community, and The Rotary Foundation and since 2003 was awarded 13 Paul Harris Fellows  

*. 2004  Honorary Tribute in the presence of The State of Israel President- Moshe Katzav at the President
    Official  Residence for his continues and consistent activity, for his immediate response to help and aid at a
   any time to the Rotary Governors and the Rotary Organization and Rotary Israel, for his professional
   assistance,  ethical and high quality performance as a Legal Advisor to Rotary International- Voluntarily.

*. 2000-2012 Legal Advisor -Rotary Israel- District 2490- Voluntarily.
*. 2008 Benefactor of The Rotary International Foundation.
*. 2009- founder of the Israeli league for prevention obesity- Meir Hospital- Kfar Saba.
*. 2013-2014 President of Ramat Hasharon Rotary club (Second time).
*. 2014- 2017 DRFC- District Rotary International Foundation Chair.
*. Chairman of the Keren Tzeltner Foundation for law research in corporation with Tel Aviv University. 

*. 2021- 2022 - District Govener Rotary Israel.

*. 2022- 2024 - Assistant Coordinator of Rotary International, Region 24, Zone 21. 

*. 2023- 2026 -Rotary Israel Deligate for the Council of Resolition and the Council of Legislation of Rotary                                 International. 

*. 2024- 2027 - Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator of Rotary International, Region 24, Zone 21. 

Appear in important criminal cases that had a large media coverage:
*. Murder trails, Espionage, Fraud, Forgeries, Gambling, Drugs, Sexual Offences, etc...
*. Murder trials: Hava Yaari and Aviva Granot, The Manzur Brothers, and more.
    Dubek ltd., Vice president- (CEO) Bezeq ltd.  Chairman of the Tel Aviv Municipality Worker's Union,
   Chairman of the Teachers Union,  Death causes investigation, Bmbily, etc...

Wrote together with Dr. Nathan Kennet- Advocate Legal books:
1. Finger Prints
2. Identification and investigation means.
3. Burden of proof and Legal presumptions.
4. Criminal procedures- the law and rulings.


רחוב אבן גבירול 129 תל אביב, 62037  טלפון: 03-5462656, 03-5464098, פקס: 03-5463853    

 דוא"ל :  hnkennet@bezeqint.net