Kennet Law Office, is one of the oldest law firms in Israel and one of the leading offices in criminal law, as well as in civil, land and family law.

The firm was founded in 1947 by
Advocate Nathan Kennet, who served in various leading positions in the judicial  system  in the country, since before the founding of the state of Israel.
As such, it is credited to the firm, many achievements and legal precedents in the fields of criminal law, family and

civil law.

The firm has many precedents, which were achieved in the various courts in the country, including the Supreme

In the mid-eighties,
Advocate Haim Kennet joined the office as a lawyer, and today, stands as the head of the firm.
The firm is engaged in Criminal, Civil, Real Estate and Family Law as well as Arbitrations and Mediations.
The firm is in direct work and contact with the various courts in the country, police stations, prisons, detention
centers and the legal authorities and district's attorney's office,  as well as with leading experts in real estate, medicine,
 investigation, and the economy, account consultants actuaries, appraisers and consultants, who provide a service of
 professional opinions on their expertise as needed.

The firm was founded over 77 years ago by Attorney Nathan Kennet. Part of his work, was involved in high
profile cases that left mark on all aspects of law and its development.

In addition, Nathan Kennet served as District attorney and as a judge in the Court of Discipline, of the Israel Bar
Association and its committees, and was one of the founders of the Israel Police, Ministry of Justice and the
International police Association in Israel.

Nathan and Haim Kennet, wrote
4 law books, which are being used by lawyers, judges, law students and interns.

The firm has specialists in different law fields.

Erez Bibi - Advocate
Yossi Rubin- Advocate
Gabby Rich- Mediator
Merav Shahar- Administrator.

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